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Digitizing Life, Developing Transformative Products, Solving Global Challenges

New science, new technology, new solutionsSGI

At Synthetic Genomics Inc. (SGI), we are using our pioneering and proprietary science and technology to develop products to positively impact the world. Our founders and team have ushered in a new era in synthetic genomics by constructing the first synthetic cell. Now, we are using this technology, and developing new and more advanced methods, to create the next generation of renewable and sustainably-produced biology-based products. From new vaccines and therapeutics, food and nutritional products, humanized organs for transplant,

biofuels, biobased-chemicals, and agricultural solutions, we are producing products through our own programs and with industry leading partners . We believe society can depend on science to alleviate many of our current issues, and SGI is blazing the trail to turn innovative science into life-changing solutions. Our imagination is our only limitation and we imagine a world where synthetic biology will transform the world.

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