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Business Wire

Synthetic Genomics Inc selected to MIT's Technology Review 2011 TR50

Technology Review today announced the 2011 TR50, the second annual list of the world's most innovative technology companies in the world... Read More

wall street journal

In Strategy Shift, Exxon Plans $600 Million Biofuels Venture

After years of snubbing alternative fuels as a bad investment, global energy giant Exxon Mobil Corp. said... Read More

the economist

Algae inch ahead in the race to produce the next generation of biofuels

WHEN BP branded itself as "Beyond Petroleum", and the fashionable colour among oil companies was green... Read More

financial times

Exxon's algae to join biofuel push

ExxonMobil and Craig Venter, the pioneer of human genome research, have set up a $600m partnership... Read More

new york times

Exxon to Invest Millions to Make Fuel From Algae

On Tuesday, Exxon plans to announce an investment of $600 million in producing liquid transportation fuels from algae... Read More


There's no silver bullet to solve energy crisis

The question of how to make fuel efficient vehicles profitable... Read More

yale environment 360

The High-Tech Search For A Cleaner Biofuel Alternative

A number of companies, including one headed by biologist and entrepreneur Craig Venter, are developing... Read More

seed magazine

Bigger Faster Better

A pioneer of biology's golden age, Craig Venter has always done science on his own terms. In a Seed exclusive... Read More

bloomberg markets

The Quest for Supergenes

Craig Venter and rival genetic engineers are shaking up science--and venture investing... Read More


Man Makes Life

Not only has Venter constructed the first man-made genome, he has also sequenced his own dna... Read More

financial times

Leading the evolution out of the fossil fuel age

Craig Venter, the DNA researcher, has lofty ambitions for Synthetic Genomics, the US company he set up two years ago... Read More

the wall street journal

The Future of Bioenergy

With oil close to $80 per barrel, a series of businesses, ranging from chemicals and textiles through agriculture and utilities, are already facing... Read More

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conde nast portfolio

Bioengineering Bugs to Make Fuel

Maverick scientist Craig Venter announces that his team has created the largest manmade molecule in history... Read More

the atlantic

The God of Small Things

Back when Craig Venter was the bad boy of science, racing the U.S. government to sequence the human genome... Read More


charlie rose

A collection of video conversations with Craig Venter... Watch Video

abc news

A scientist says he created a new species... Watch Video

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