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What We Do

At SGI we've put all of our scientific and business acumen behind developing breakthrough genomic-driven solutions for major global issues. We're focusing first on energy and chemical solutions because we believe there is a great need for cleaner, greener sources for these products, and as a business, we know these represent large revenue opportunities. However, we believe in the power of our science to be used for a variety of solutions, from human health and food and water production, to the environment.

Our business model is built on our distinctive scientific knowledge and proprietary tools and techniques which are applied toward product development in several important industries. These diverse and synergistic solution portfolios represent both near-term, attainable commercial opportunities and longer-term, market-changing applications. Our technology and commercialization platforms have already been validated through partnerships with major corporate partners.

SGI is currently working in three broad projects areas of Renewable Fuels and Chemicals (alliance with ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company to develop algal biofuels), Microbial-Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery (collaboration with BP), and Sustainable Agricultural Products (through the company, Agradis which was jointly formed with Plenus SA de CV). Specifically we are:

  • Designing metabolic pathways for the production of biochemicals and next generation biofuels from a variety of feedstocks
  • Developing biological solutions to increase the conversion and recovery rates of subsurface hydrocarbons
  • Developing advanced plant feedstocks and microbial agents for agriculture

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