Anthony Artuso, Ph.D.

Chief Business Officer

Mr. Artuso is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur with broad domestic and international experience in biotech, clean energy, finance, public policy, and sustainable development. Before joining Synthetic Genomics, Anthony spent six years with Merck KGaA where he managed strategic planning and business development and also served as general manager for the company’s protein and cellular analysis business. In previous business roles, Anthony managed strategic planning, new product development, technology licensing, and acquisitions for Bristol Myers-Squibb and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Anthony has also served as a faculty member at the University of Charleston and Rutgers University. While in academia, he became recognized internationally for his work on the chemical and genetic value of biodiversity. His academic research and consulting activities included serving as advisor to the World Bank and various U.S. government and multi-national agencies. Anthony also assisted the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in designing and launching the BioTrade Initiative, an international program to promote sustainable development of biological resources. During an earlier career in the public sector, Anthony constructed a blueprint for the deregulation of US electricity generation, directed a billion dollar capital improvement program for a major US city, designed and implemented regional water pollution control programs, and served as Chief Financial Officer of a public sector utility.

Anthony holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Columbia University, a Master’s Degree from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, and a Ph.D. in Natural Resource Policy and Management from Cornell.