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About Synthetic Genomics

I believe the best examples of disruptive technologies that could change our future are in the new fields of synthetic biology, synthetic genomics, and genome engineering. These fields can change the way we think about life by showing that we can use living systems to increase our chances of survival as a species. Simply put: this area of research will enable us to create new fuels to replace oil and coal.

- J. Craig Venter, 2007 (Dimbleby Lecture)

Synthetic Genomics Inc. was founded to commercialize genomic-driven technologies. Our scientific strength lies in the decades of pioneering research by founders, J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., Nobel Laureate Hamilton O. Smith, M.D., and the leading scientific teams they have assembled. Dr. Venter and his teams have proven track records of making scientific breakthroughs that translate into viable commercial solutions.

The company's scientific capabilities encompass areas such as environmental genomics, microbiology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, plant genomics, genome engineering, synthetic biology, and climate change. In addition to the strong applied research efforts conducted at SGI, the company sponsors fundamental research at the J. Craig Venter Institute, a not-for-profit organization with more than 400 scientists and staff working on a variety of genomic research and policy fronts. In addition to the Intellectual Property developed internally, SGI has exclusive access to new inventions and discoveries in synthetic genomics research developed by the JCVI under the Sponsored Research Agreement between both organizations.


The company's largest investors include: BP plc; Biotechonomy LLC; Draper Fisher Jurvetson; Plenus, S.A. de C.V.; ACGT Sdn Bhd; and Meteor Group.

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