Advancing genomics to better life

Synthetic Genomics, Inc. (SGI) is a global leader in the field of synthetic biology utilizing our foundational intellectual property in this rapidly evolving field to design and build biological systems to solve global sustainability challenges.

SGI provides solutions in genomics research, bioproduction and, typically in partnership with industry leaders, applied products. Our research segment is focused on genomics solutions for academic and commercial R&D organizations. The commercial products and services include instrumentation, reagents, DNA synthesis services, and bioinformatics services and software.

SGI’s efforts in bio-based production are targeted at improving existing biological production hosts and developing entirely new synthetic production hosts with the goal of more efficient production of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, nutritionals, and bio-industrial products derived from renewable biological resources. Our host systems can also enable entirely new products that were once not scientifically or economically viable.

SGI’s “understanding of life” allows us to address many challenges, from non-GMO food products to complex biological design and engineering projects in biotechnology. Our applied products are typically done in partnership with leading global organizations across a variety of industries.